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Reliable Home Inspector, Experienced construction experience We offers a variety of residential and commercial inspection services. We do full home Inspection Interior, Exterior, Structure, Roof, Plumbing and Electrical

Home Inspection - NJ Lic: 24GI00219100

Home inspection is crucial for identifying potential problems and hazards within a property before a purchase is made. This can save the buyer from unexpected repair costs and help them make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the purchase… Read More


Choosing a licensed contractor in NJ ensures that you receive quality work, compliance with building codes, and protection against fraud or subpar workmanship. It also provides peace of mind and a higher likelihood of a successful project outcome.

Termite Inspection - NJ Lic: 55328B

Termite inspections are essential for detecting the presence of termites in a property before they cause significant damage. Identifying termites early on can save homeowners money on repairs and prevent structural damage to the property.

Asbestos Building inspector

Asbestos is a mineral that was commonly used in building materials due to its fire-resistant and durable properties. However, it was later discovered that asbestos can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Because of this, it is important to have asbestos inspections performed to ensure that buildings are safe for occupation…. Read More

Asbestos Abatement (Supervisor)
Lic : 601127

Asbestos is linked to lung disease. It will affect after 20 years to 50 years depends how much exposed and period of time exposed. We are NJ licensed to remove Asbestos and We are NJ and NY licensed to collect Asbestos samples for Lab test… Read More

Underground Oil Tank Sweep

An underground oil tank sweep is important to identify the presence of any abandoned or leaking oil tanks that can lead to environmental contamination and costly cleanup expenses. It helps property owners and buyers avoid potential liabilities and protect the environment… Read More

NYC and NJ Licensed Exterminator 55328B and Licensed Pest Control Company Lic: 90580B

We NJ and NYC licensed and insured exterminator. We ensures that pests are identified and eliminated safely and effectively, with minimal risk to humans and the environment. We also have access to specialized equipment and knowledge to deal with a wide range of pest problems.

Lead paint Inspector/Risk assessor Lic: 039681 and Business License: 00787-E

Lead paint inspections are vital to identify and mitigate health risks associated with lead exposure. Exposure to lead paint can lead to severe health issues, especially in children, including developmental delays, learning difficulties, and nervous system damage. We utilize XRF guns for precise lead paint identification and conduct swap samples sent to labs for thorough analysis, ensuring accurate detection at an affordable price

Radon Tester - NJ Lic: MET 14463

Radon tester helps in identifying if the radon levels are within safe limits and if any mitigation measures need to be taken. Radon tester is a device used to measure the concentration of radon gas in a specific area.

Mold Inspection/Abatement(NYC Licensed Certified/NACHI Certified)

Mold inspections are crucial to identify and mitigate indoor mold growth, ensuring a healthier indoor environment by preventing respiratory issues and allergies associated with mold exposure. We stand out as professional home inspectors with a unique advantage—we bring expertise in moisture problem and mold assessment, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation to identify potential mold issues, offering a more thorough and reliable service. Choose our mold inspection service for transparent pricing and simplicity. Unlike others, we avoid hidden fees and excessive advertising, focusing on reliable assessments without inflating costs, ensuring a straightforward and fair evaluation process

Why Roof Inspection is Essential?

When it comes to investing in your dream home or property, ensuring its structural integrity is paramount. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the condition of the roof. Here’s why a thorough roof inspection is necessary:

Expertise Matters: In many locations, only licensed pilots are authorized to fly drones. This ensures that aerial inspections are conducted safely and accurately. Our team comprises licensed pilots, guaranteeing professional-grade inspections.

FAA Pre-Authorization: Drones used for inspections require pre-authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our adherence to FAA regulations ensures compliance and reliability in every inspection we undertake.

Protect Your Investment: Buying a home or investment property involves significant financial commitments. With a comprehensive aerial inspection, buyers can assess the roof’s condition before finalizing the deal. This insight prevents unexpected costs and ensures peace of mind.

Transparent Insights: Aerial images provide buyers with clear, detailed views of the roof’s condition. By accessing this information before closing the property, buyers can make informed decisions and negotiate terms confidently.

At Jersey Selva Home inspection, we understand the importance of a reliable roof inspection. With our licensed pilots and cutting-edge drone technology, we deliver accurate assessments to safeguard your investment. Schedule an inspection today and embark on your property journey with confidence.


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Why Home Inspection?

Your hard-earned investment property or first home buyer needs to get knowledge about your home.
We will cover major components of the property and check safety issues. Also, we will do commercial property inspections and good for your employees Buying a home could be a big investment and you should be aware of your property. Reduce unexpected expenses after closing.

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Why choose us?

  • A home inspection may identify the small and major repairs and also for the future maintenance to keep it in good shape.

  • We charge a reasonable inspection fee for a typical single or multifamily house.

  • A home inspector is not your property appraiser and we only check the condition and teach you maintenance.

  • If the inspector finds problems, it doesn’t mean you buy the house or not, but you will know in advance what is the house condition.

  • If a Home inspector finds major/minor repairs are found, a seller may agree to give you credit for repairs.

  • We are State Licensed Home Inspectors and insured.

  • you will know more about the house and you make a decision to buy or not After the inspection.

  • The inspection fee may vary depending on so many factors such as house condition and age.

  • A home inspector will schedule the inspection time and date and send your contract to be signed.

  • Home Inspector report information will be important for future expenses and maintenance and approximate

  • We try to stay at the top level of the Home Inspection and continue education and trade group affiliations as per State Guidance.

  • We create PDF or email the report within a limited time.

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